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If you're reading this you must be one of the growing number of people who are either already involved in western riding or want to find out more about it. The great news is that access to information and to western events near you has never been easier! 

In these pages you'll find details and information about western riding in Devon and what we offer. We'll be updating the site regularly, providing news and reports on all of our events. We really hope you like what you see and will come back often!

If you want to get in touch, click here or leave a message in our guestbook and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
Pictured above: Forest Jac and Judith Hubbard

We promote the sport for enthusiasts at all levels, whether complete beginners or seasoned competitors.  You can enjoy all of our ridden activities with ANY breed of horse or pony. Members participate with Highland ponies, Welsh ponies and cobs, traditional cobs, Haflingers, Arabians and also the various western breeds. In fact, you name the breed and there’s probably one of our group out there riding it in a western saddle!